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We provide relocation services to Digital Professionals, so you can legally live and work in Thailand (Visa, Work Permit, Tax). Where work meets play.
get a sponsored thai work permit & visa in under 30 days
Benefits Include:
Fast: Non-B Thai visa In 30 Days
Official: Work permit under our BOI entity
Flexible: Work for an on or offshore project
Convenience:  Health insurance & 24/7 concierge
Welcome to Playlab

Get your Thai visa & work permit in under 30 days

PlayLab is a global tech community that helps digital professionals live and work in Thailand legally. 
We handle the legal and tax matters for you, so you can focus on what matters most. Work & Play!

Live & work legally in Thailand

To live and work in the beautiful kingdom the legal and admin process seems daunting. We are passing on the combined experience, to establish yourself as a long-term tax resident in Thailand the right way.

We provide you with a sponsored Thai work permit and BOI Non-B business visa, handle your monthly invoicing and take care of your taxes / social security. We handle the fuzz so you can focus on work and play!

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live and work in thailand as foreigner with legal non-b visa & work permit
work in thailand as a foreigner with sponsored work permit & boi visa

Work with our clients or yours

If you are a digital nomad or freelancer you can continue to work for your own clients, or you can join PlayLab as Talent and work with us on our next project!

You can browse our job board for high-quality remote employment opportunities in Thailand, or if you don't see one that quite fits your skillset, you can join PlayLab and we will connect you with the next project that fits!

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We take care of the hard stuff

Gone are the days filled with headaches dealing with annoying visa runs and expensive agents. At PlayLab, not only is your visa and work permit completely legal, we also do it right.

PlayLab is certified by the Thai Board of Investment (BOI) with permission to relocate Digital Professionals to Thailand without the restriction applicable to a regular Thai entity. We act as an Employer of Record sponsoring your local employment and maintaining your full legal compliance.

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set up work Non-B Visa & Work Permit in less than 30 days

24/7 service

You'll have access to our 24/7 Concierge and dedicated assistant as well as our full range of exclusive services and resources designed to make getting set up and living your life in Thailand as easy and stress free as possible!

Our full range of services & benefits

GEtting Started

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Relocate & Work For Yourself

I work on an existing project

Perfect for Digital Professionals who have their clients, work for a company abroad, or run a business of their own and would like to relocate to Thailand and work for themselves.

The Process

Getting your Non-B visa & work permit

We'll have you set up in under 30 days

Step 1
We Understand You (Day 1)

Fill out the education, work and visa history survey.

Step 2
We Create Your Application (Day 2)

We complete all forms, collect documents and apply.

Step 3
We Fast Track Your Case (Day 3-30)

Priority processing at the BOI One Stop Center.


What our customers have to say

  • Trevor D.
    Digital Marketing Manager

    "After exiting from my last company, I was faced with the dilemma of trying to trying to figure out to stay living in Thailand. My options were to set up my own company, find another employer or go through an agency. Having lived in Thailand for the past 8 years, I knew these options were problematic & expensive.

    Then I found PlayLab. They set me up with a new visa & work permit without having to leave the country, allowing me to stay living & work with the freedom & flexibility I was after."

  • Stephen S.
    Founder (Tech Startup)

    "Years back, I had spent time living and working as a digital nomad through South East Asia. When my partner and I began on our next project, we were debating on leaving the US and working somewhere with a lower cost of living. 

    Both of us having spent time in Thailand, Thailand was at the top of our list. We came across Playlab while researching visa solutions for ourselves. 

    Playlab was able to get both my partner & set up with our visas and into Thailand in less than a month. The process has been great"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.
How soon can I relocate to Thailand?

You and/or your employees can be visa-ready to enter Thailand in less than a month. We ship your visa application paperwork to you within 10-15 business days of payment. Visit the Thai E-Visa Official Website to check if you are eligible for online application.

What documents do I need to provide?

1. Passport scan
2. Diploma scan
3. Reference letters verifying experience

Upfront, we just need a scan of your passport. Reference letters and an educational certificate are required later in the work permit process, after entering Thailand.

I’m already in Thailand. Do I need to leave and re-enter the country?

That depends on your Thai visa type and history. Tourist visas can typically be converted for a fee, while other visa types are already compatible with a work permit (Non Bs, spousal visas, child visas, etc). Education and volunteer visas are unfortunately difficult to convert in-country; a border run to a nearby country is almost always necessary.

Can I get visas for my family as well?

Yes. Your spouse and/or children may apply for Non-Immigrant O ("Non O") tied to your Non B. We do not charge additional service fees for preparing visa application paperwork for dependents. Marriage and/or birth certificate is required. Dependents are not covered under Thailand Social Security, unless they obtain a work permit.

How many years can I renew / extend the visa? How long can I stay?

That's the great thing about Non-Immigrant visas – they can be extended indefinitely. Once you hold 3 consecutive 1-year visa extensions, tied to the same work permit, you may apply for Permanent Residency (PR). The permanent residence permit will allow you to stay in Thailand indefinitely without needing a visa.

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