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Everything you need to know about relocating yourself to Thailand to work with your own business or clients, or joining our team of remote workers to work on awesome projects in the digital space!
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How soon can I have my visa & work permit?

Your Visa for Thailand can be ready in under 30 days if all of your paperwork & documentation are in order and meet the requirements. Once you complete the Qualifying survey, we will contact you to upload your documents and we will begin processing as soon as we receive them. If you are currently outside of Thailand, we will send you paperwork and the Visa application that you can take to your local Thai Embassy or Consulate to obtain your Non-B Visa to enter Thailand. If you are currently in Thailand and on a Non-B Visa, we will prepare the documentation and set an appointment with you to meet in Bangkok and transfer your visa to our BOI Company.

What documents are required to join Playlab?

1. Passport scan 2. Diploma or Education Certificate scan 3. Reference letters verifying experience 4. Work Permit Cancellation Letter (if you have previously held a work permit in Thailand, this should be provided by your former employer) To get started, you simply need to fill out our qualifying survey. After we receive it, our staff will review your information and contact you to upload your documents. As soon as we get the documents from you, we will begin processing the paperwork for your first Non-B Visa.

I’m already in Thailand. Do I have to leave the country and re-enter?

That depends on your Thai visa type and history. Tourist visas can typically be converted for a fee, while other visa types are already compatible with a work permit (Non Bs, spousal visas, child visas, etc). Education and volunteer visas are unfortunately cannot be converted in-country. In the case that you are currently holding an Education or Non-B Visa, our team will prepare the Visa application documents on your behalf, and you will then be required to leave the country and go to a Thai Embassy or Consulate (typically in a neighboring country) to apply for your first Non-B Visa. Once you receive the Non-B Visa from the Embassy or Consulate, you are able to re-enter Thailand where we will then obtain your work permit and extend your visa for 1 year. In terms of previous visa history, those who have overstayed their visa or been blacklisted from Thailand will have a more difficult time obtaining a work permit. Work permits are typically only granted to those with a clean visa history. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of the visa requirements when traveling to Thailand.

What is an Employer of Record (EOR)?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a service provider that acts as the employer for employees of its clients. The employer of record takes on all the legal and administrative responsibilities associated with employment, including payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance with employment laws. This allows businesses to outsource these functions and focus on their core business activities. When using an employer of record service, businesses can choose to have the provider manage all aspects of employment or just select tasks. The level of service provided will typically be reflected in the price charged by the provider. Employer of record services can be used by companies of all sizes, but they are particularly popular with small businesses and startups that do not have the resources to manage these functions internally. In the cases where an individual is looking to relocate, an employer of record provides a great deal of benefits as they are able obtain the legal right to work in a country without needing to start their own company, or seek local employment. With PlayLab, while you are technically "employed" under PlayLab, you remain in full control of the management and operations of your business, clients and work.

Who is Playlab for?

Playlab is for those currently working as freelancers, employees of overseas companies, or startups and employers by offering a fast and cost-effective method for legally relocating individuals or employees to Thailand. Digital Nomads / Freelancers As a digital freelancer, the idea of moving to Thailand for a year or two might sound appealing. And with Playlab, it's possible to make that dream a reality. Playlab will employ you and provide you with a place to live, while you continue working on your existing projects. You'll still have complete freedom when it comes to choosing clients, and you'll also have access to Playlab's network of professionals. Remote Workers If you work remotely for a company, or run your own business remote, relocating to Thailand with Playlab can be a great way to improve your lifestyle while still keeping your current job. The cost of living in Thailand is much lower than in many developed countries, so you'll be able to save a lot of money while still enjoying a high standard of living. And because Thailand is such a popular destination for digital nomads, there's a good chance that your employer will be open to the idea of outsourcing your job directly to you. This could be a win-win situation for both parties, as it would allow your employer to save on overhead costs while you enjoy a better quality of life. Employers and Entrepreneurs If you're looking for a place to relocate your startup or company, Thailand is a great option. We specialize in relocating teams, and can help you source additional talent when you need it. You'll save money on employer contributions, health care, pensions, and other costs, yet all of your employees will be covered under the Thai Social Security program. And depending on the tax laws of your country, you may be able to save even more. You will also save on startup costs here in Thailand as you won't be required to formally register your company in Thailand.

What's included and what's not?

Our service includes your visa and work permit application, opening Thai Bank Account, setting you up with Thai Social Security and assistance to ongoing back-office support such as invoicing, tax and social security payments, and payroll processing during your contract with PlayLab. We’ll even accompany you to Immigration when necessary, such as for your work permit or visa renewal. And for 90-day check-ins, we’ll collect your passport and take care of the process for you. While the cost of the Visa & Work Permit application is included, additional expenses resulting from prior Visa issues or travel due to Visa Runs, or obtaining re-entry permits are not included.

What kind of visa do I get?

As a PlayLab Member, you will receive a Thai Business Visa under our Board of Investment Company. (Thai Non-B Visa). Not only will you have the correct visa that allows you to work in Thailand, you will also have access to additional BOI Visa privileges such as Airport Immigration Fast Lane.

Can I get visas for my family?

Whether you are planning to move to Thailand for work or personal reasons, your family members can often accompany you. If you are applying for a Non-Immigrant B visa, your spouse and/or children may be eligible to apply for a Non-Immigrant O visa. This type of visa is tied to your Non-B visa, and we do not charge any additional service fees for preparing the necessary paperwork. In order to apply, you will need to submit marriage and/or birth certificates. Please note that Dependents are not covered under Thailand Social Security, unless they obtain a work permit. However, this should not deter you from bringing your loved ones with you to Thailand. With careful planning, your whole family can enjoy all that this beautiful country has to offer.

How many years can I renew / extend the visa?

Your Non-B Visa can be extended indefinitely while holding your Work Permit. After 3 consecutive years of extensions, you will also be elligable to apply for Thai Permanent Residency.

Do I have to stay in Thailand for the whole year?

No, you can come and go from Thailand as you please. However, please note, before leaving the country you will need to obtain a Re-Entry Permit stamp from an Immigration Office or the Airport. The Re-Entry permits are issued either as single use, or multi-entry. This is important because if you do not get a Re-Entry permit stamp before you leave the country, your visa will be cancelled as soon as you clear customs.

How often do I need to report to Immigration?

You need only report to Immigration once per year, to renew your visa and work permit. Our staff will accompany you to these appointments. In regards to your 90 day reports, our staff can also do this on your behalf.

Can PlayLab support me on the path to Permanent Residency (PR)?

Yes we can. Fortunately, the process for doing so is relatively straightforward, provided that you meet certain criteria. First, you must hold three consecutive 1-year visa extensions, each of which must be tied to the same work permit. Second, you must have a monthly income of THB 80,000 (or THB 30,000 if you have been married to a Thai national for at least 5 years). Finally, you must be able to demonstrate knowledge of the Thai language during an interview with immigration officials. If you are able to meet these requirements, then you should have no trouble obtaining permanent residency in Thailand.

Can I get a multiple-entry permit?

Yes. The multiple-entry permit is optional and costs 3,800 baht. Unless you leave the country more than 4 times, it is a better deal to get single re-entry permits as needed, which cost 1,000 baht.

Do I need to have a company set up?

No, that is the best part about Playlab. You can get started with no company set up, and you will even be able to take advantage of Thai tax residency!

How do taxes work in Thailand?

To be a tax-resident in Thailand you must spend at least 180 days in a calendar year in the country. Tax residents are subject to personal income tax on their income derived from Thailand and their foreign-source income remitted to Thailand in the year in which it is accrued. Income earned outside Thailand remitted after 1 year is tax-exempt. Non-residents are subject to income tax on their Thai-source income.

Do dependents receive social security benefits?

No, dependents are not eligible for social security benefits unless they get a work permit.

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