Looking For Remote Jobs in Thailand for Foreigners but can't find one that fits?

Join PlayLab as talent & live and work remote in thailand!

If you are a talented digital professional looking for remote work and the option to live in Thailand, we want you! 

At Playlab, we are always looking for talented professionals to join our team even if we do not currently have an open position that matches. Our list of projects and jobs is always changing and growing. Everyone who joins Playlab member will be able to get a Work Permit & BOI Non-B Visa under our company, allowing you to to live and work from anywhere in Thailand.

If you are interested in joining our team, please submit your application with the form below. We will review your qualifications and if If you are qualified to work with us and have a skill set that is in high demand, we would love to send you an invitation to join Playlab and notify you as soon as there is a suitable project that you may be interested in!

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