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PlayLab is a Remote Digital Agency that helps digital professionals relocate, live and work in Thailand legally. We provide you with a sponsored Thai Work Permit & Non-B Visa & handle the legal and tax matters for you, so you can focus on work & Play.

If you are looking to relocate and live & work in Thailand longterm, but are unsure how to proceed, we can help!

How does it work?

We Take Care of Everything

Are you looking for a way to relocate to Thailand? If you are a skilled digital professional who works remote or owns you own business - we can help! As an Employer of Record (EOR), we will cover everything needed from a legal perspective to establish yourself in Thailand long term, you can even keep working for your existing clients!

We provide you with a Thai Work Permit, business visa (BOI Non-B Visa), handle your accounting, and ensure that your taxes and social security are paid as legally required. We even have a number of additional services to make transitioning your life to Thailand even easier.

So if you're looking for an easy way to relocate your business to Thailand, look no further than Playlab! We take care of the hard stuff so that you can focus on what's important - Work & Play in Thailand!

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What We Offer

Everything Needed To Legally Live & Work In Thailand

No Visa Runs or Under The Table Payments Required

Sponsored Visa & Work Permit

Sponsored Non-B Business Visa & Work Permit under our BOI Company

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Immigration Serives

Our Agents work with Thai Immigration & assist and handle all immigration concerns for you.

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SSO & Health Care

You'll receive full access to Thailand Social Security Benefits & additional options to connect you with trusted Expat Health Insurance providers.

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Full  Compliance

We take care of all payroll & tax compliance allowing you to live and work legally in Thailand and maintain tax-residency.

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Who is Right For Playlab?


In order for you to be eligible for a Sponsored Visa & Work Permit through Playlab, you must meet the qualification under Thailand's Board of Investment Program. 

This means you must be between the ages of 20-55 Years Old & meet the following prerequisites.

You must have one of the following:

  • Any type of degree or certificate, plus 5 years of relevant work experience
  • An IT-related university degree, plus 2 years of relevant work experience
  • Work in software development, blockchain, design, marketing, business development, ecommerce, or other online, tech/digital-related activity

And you

  • Have an existing business or client base (or are looking for Remote Job Opportunities)
  • Can bill a minimum of $1,500 USD per month
  • Can commit to a 1 year contract
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.
How Soon Can I Relocate To Thailand?

You and/or your employees can be visa-ready to enter Thailand in less than a month. We ship your visa application paperwork to you within 10-15 business days of payment. Visit the Thai E-Visa Official Website to check if you are eligible for online application.

What documents do I need to provide?

1. Passport scan
2. Diploma scan
3. Reference letters verifying experience

Upfront, we just need a scan of your passport. Reference letters and an educational certificate are required later in the work permit process, after entering Thailand.

I’m already in Thailand. Do I need to leave and re-enter the country?

That depends on your Thai visa type and history. Tourist visas can typically be converted for a fee, while other visa types are already compatible with a work permit (Non Bs, spousal visas, child visas, etc). Education and volunteer visas are unfortunately difficult to convert in-country; a border run to a nearby country is almost always necessary.

Can I get visas for my family as well?

Yes. Your spouse and/or children may apply for Non-Immigrant O ("Non O") tied to your Non B. We do not charge additional service fees for preparing visa application paperwork for dependents. Marriage and/or birth certificate is required. Dependents are not covered under Thailand Social Security, unless they obtain a work permit.

How many years can I renew / extend the visa? How long can I stay?

That's the great thing about Non-Immigrant visas – they can be extended indefinitely. Once you hold 3 consecutive 1-year visa extensions, tied to the same work permit, you may apply for Permanent Residency (PR). The permanent residence permit will allow you to stay in Thailand indefinitely without needing a visa.

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