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We provide Digital Professionals & Freelancers everything you need to get set up and live & work in Thailand long term. We take care of the hard stuff while you are working for your own Business, Employer or Clients!

Visa & work permit service

We prepare everything you to live & work in Thailand legally, long term. We can assist with visas for your family too.

Special benefits

With our visa, you will gain special privileges such as Immigration Fast Lanes at the airport.

Tax & Legal compliance

Our team will handle all of your monthly tax & Social Security obligations so you don't have to stress & you'll even gain benefits such as healthcare.

No investment

No upfront investment, just a monthly service fee.
No need for an expensive unreliable visa agent.


Sponsored visa & work permits

We take the headache out of getting started and set up living & working in Thailand legally as a Digital Professional or Freelancer. No need for you to set up your entity, or seek local employment to get a Thai Work Permit & Visa. We can even assist in getting your family visas once you are set up!
The Problem

Traditional visa solutions

For Expats & Foreigners in Thailand remaining in Thailand long term is normally a process full of headaches, stress & expenses.
Often to circumvent this, foreigners will often choose illegal methods to remain in the country long-term such as obtaining education visas, or continued visa runs which often leads to future problems with Immigration and under the table payments.
As anyone can tell you from experience, relying on any of these methods does not provide any sense of stability or security in your life, and you have the constant worry of Immigration catching on.
Our Solution

Playlab BOI visa & work permit

Playlab is a BOI (Board of Investment) certified company and has legally been given permission through the BOI to have the special capability of bringing multiple, highly skilled foreign, workers without the restrictions of a normal Thai company.
We act as an Employer of Record and take on the responsibility of local compliance, payroll & benefits for you. This means that you will have the freedom to work with a business for your own company, an employer, or freelance work from abroad legally while living anywhere in Thailand through our entity. We also have a number of ongoing projects & contracts that you can work with us on if you are looking for your next gig!
Since we are a BOI-approved company, with our visa you will also be able to take advantage of special BOI privileges like Airport Immigration Fast Lane & no 90 Day reporting!
Playlab Members

Additional services & benefits

Every Playlab Member has exclusive access to our additional services & benefits make settling into your new life in Thailand as easy as possible!

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